Selected Publications

“Back on Flower Street,” Passengers Journal, Passengers Press, Vol. 3: Issue 2, June 2022.

Curator of Juvenalia,” Backlash Journal, Backlash Press, Issue 5, June 2021.

“Hex Edyewcation, Sapphix, and the MaThematix of Hex Linguistics,” Anomaly: Journal of Literature and the  Arts, May 2021. Web.

“No Exits, No Calls,” The Buffalo News (Gusto), March 22, 2020. Print.

“October Irreverence.” The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide, vol. 27, no. 5, Jan.-Feb. 2020, p. 24.

“Making a Mad Community, from Attic to Attic: Parts 1 and 2,” Mad in America. 2020. Web.

“Wild Nights – Lesbian Lives!: The Emily Dickinson Homestead, Revisited.Sinister Wisdom. January 2020. Print.

“Women-Led, DisABILITY-Centered Mental Healthcare Reform in Erie County, New York.” Policy Brief. Erie County Commission on the Status of Women. December 2019. Print.

“It Is January 20th,” Mad in America. October 2019. Web.

“Gender, Madness, and Commitment.” Disability: A Reference Handbook. Michael Rembis, Ed. ABC-CLIO: Contemporary World Issues, 2019. Print and web.

“Love Me Horribly,” IthacaLit. Winter 2017 Issue. December 2017. Web.

“At the Mental Ward.” (Dis)Integration: Buffalo Poets, Writers, Artists. 2017. Print.

—. “The Disease,” “The Hot Violet Sapphic Martyr to Her Hot Pink Daughters,” “The Letter M,” “The Walls.”

“Angela Lansbury’s School of Feminist Witchcraft.” Gender Focus. June 2015. Web.

“God Beyond Gender: On Peter Wilkes’ ‘A Woman Called God.’” Gender Focus. May 2015. Web.

“Getting Real about Cultural Illusions: A Review of Bad Feminist.” Gender Focus. Feb.  2015. Web.

“Review of The Queer Cultural Work of Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner.” Gender Focus. Nov. 2014. Web.

“Hummus Speaks Out Against Cold Cuts” The Comstock Review. Volume28:1. Sp/Summer 2014. Print.

 “She Chose the Brink.” Wilde Magazine. Issue 2. September 2014. Web.

—. “Who Doesn’t Have Any Bedclothes”

“Free-Diving Off the Banks of Normal: A Review of Debbie Taylor’s Herring Girl.” Gender Focus. September 2014. Web.

“We Are Robin Williams: Becoming Helpful in Helpless Times.” Gender Focus. August 2014. Web.

“Strumpets.” The Feminist Wire. Segment: Silence. July 2014. Web.

“National Day in the Closet (aka How to Be a Good Neighbor).” Gender Focus. July 2014. Web.

“Review of Joanna Hoffman’s Running for Trap Doors.” Sinister Wisdom. Spring, 2014. Print.

—. “Review of R. Erica Doyle’s proxy.”

“My Aunt, The Ox.” Elements. Spring 2014. Web.

—. “The Sack.”

—. “Martha Stewart Hades Me.”

—. “Mercy for the Monarch.”

“Conjuring My Leafy Muse by Mary Meriam.” Review. The Lesbrary. January 2014. Web.

 “The Endurance of Pining.” A Jar of Queer Feelings. December 2013. Web.

—. “At Midnight.”

“Personal-Political Review of New Femininities: Postfeminism, Neoliberalism, and Subjectivity.” Gender Focus. November 18, 2013. Web.

“‘My Poems Won’t Change the World’ by Patrizia Cavalli.” Review. Lambda Literary. Oct. 9, 2013.

“Pope Francis Dodges Binarism and Raises Questions for All” Gender Focus. September 22, 2013. Web.

“R.Erica Doyle: Physics and Feelings.” Interview. Lambda Literary. August 26, 2013. Web.

“Gay Cure Now Off the Market: Exodus International Says a Healing Goodbye to an Era of Shame.” Gender Focus. June 2013. Web.

“Speak Out Against Slapstick Misogyny: A Stern Ethics Rant/Sermon for Hillary Haters.” Gender Focus. August 14, 2013. Web.

“The Kind of Woman.” Skin to Skin: The Art of the Lesbian. Issue 2. May 2013.

—. “Love, Retained.”

—. “Taking a hot bath on the first night home alone in your house, Still 19.”

Commemoration by Lisa Dordal.” Review. Sinister Wisdom. July 2013. Print.

Proxy by R. Erica Doyle.” Review. Lambda Literary. March 2013. Web.

 “On Jodie Foster: Let’s All Come Out About Our Discomfort with Coming Out.” Gender Focus. January 2013. Web.

 “A Moonstone, by Your Sighing.” Lavender Review. Issue: Muse. Dec. 2012. Web.

“Reading Artvoice before an 8 O’clock Performance of A.R. Gurney’s The Cocktail Hour.” Adanna Literary Journal. Issue 2. July 2012. Print.

“Feminism, Beyond and Within: A Review of Brave.” Gender Focus. July 2, 2012. Web.

“Startle and Scram.” The Countess of Flatbroke’s Treasury of Poems: Basic Me. Spring 2012. Web.

“Watching ‘Vegucated’ with a Feminist Eye.” Gender Focus. May 30, 2012. Web.

“My Father Met Eve Ensler and They Both Wanted to Tell Me that I am an Emotional Creature.” Review. Gender Focus. May 18, 2012. Web.

“The Two Faces of Time: Answering ‘Are You Mom Enough’.” Gender Focus. May 11, 2012. Web.

“Conversations with Ashley Judd.” Gender Focus. April 12, 2012. Web.

“The Pressure of Love.” Spinozablue Electric Journal of the Arts. February, 2012. Web.

“Carolyn, At Your Deathbed” Saltwater Quarterly. Issue 3. Summer 2011. Print.

“Whistling, Waiting.” Sinister Wisdom. Issue 83: Identity and Desire. Summer 2011. Print.

“Feline Bonds.” Diverse Voices Quarterly. Vol. 3: Issues 9 & 10. July 2011. Web.

“Fear of Polyamory, Or.” Breadcrumb Scabs. Issue 22. October 2010. Print.

 —. “November Disguises.”

“With a Woman.” Read These Lips, Volume Four: 4Play. June 2010. Web.

“Lover Androgynous.” Women’s Voices Journal, Spring 2009. Print.

Writing Miscellany

  1. A poem of mine, published in the Buffalo News, a few years back, when it still had a Poetry section.

2. A little glimpse inside the edition of Sinister Wisdom, in which a creative essay-review of the film “Wild Nights with Emily” that I wrote appeared.

3. The cover of the “Lesbian Learning” issue of Sinister Wisdom that my essay was published in is just too pretty in Sapphic pink not to share.

4. This is a photo of a page in the the Northeast Modern Language Association’s 2022 winter newsletter, where a care package in the form of a short meditation on self-care I wrote was published, among other care packages from the conference’s graduate fellows. I wish to note that my official position/title changed from Accessibility Fellow to Hospitality Fellow shortly after NeMLA’s newsletter was published.

5. A digital version of “October Irreverence,” which was published in the Gay & Lesbian Review in 2020.

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