Academic Work

“Making Bedlam: Toward a Trauma-Informed Mad Feminist Literary Theory and Praxis.” Humanities 12(2), 24, Special Issue: “Trauma, Ethics, and Illness in Contemporary Literature and Culture,” March, 2023.

Madwomen in Social Justice Literatures, Movements, and Art. Co-edited with Nicole Crevar. Vernon Press. 2022. Print.

“Media Literacy, Education, and a Global Pandemic: Lessons Learned in a Gender and Pop Culture Classroom.” Co-authored with Ebehitale Imobhio. Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy, Vol. 8, Issue 3: “Traversing Borders, Transgressing Boundaries in Popular Culture and Pedagogy,” November 2021.

“The Building Keeps The Score: Toward Asylum-Occupancy and a More Purposeful Haunting of Buffalo’s Psychiatric Spaces.” SUNY Buffalo Romance Studies Journal. Vol. 5, Issue 2, December 2020.

“Shifting Identity Platforms, Shifting Identities: (Mis?)Representation on Social Media Is Changing Who We Are and How We Think (about Identity).” How Technology is Changing Human Behavior. Praeger, April 2019. Print and web.

“Gender, Madness, and Commitment.” Disability: A Reference Handbook. Michael Rembis, Ed. ABC-CLIO: Contemporary World Issues, 2019. Print and web.

Master’s Thesis: Woolf’s Alternative Medicine: Narrative Consciousness as Social Treatment, Western Illinois University, 2014.

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